For all FUSETRONIC polymeric PTC resettable fuse product, use the following steps to select a product for the circuit to be protected:

  • Based on the application and circuit, select product construction type: Radial Leaded, Axial Leaded or Surface Mount.
  • Determine Operating Voltage, Operating Current, Maximum Operating Voltage, Maximum Interrupt Current and Maximum Ambient Temperature for the circuit to be protected.
  • According to the circuit's Operating Current, Operating Voltage and Maximum Ambient Temperature refer to resettable fuse's Electrical Characteristics table and Thermal Derating Curve to select an appropriate product (series and part number).
  • Ensure the Maximum Operating Voltage and Maximum Operating Current of the selected resettable fuse exceed the circuit's.
  • Verify that the Time-To-Trip curve to make sure that the selected resettable fuse is able to protect the circuit "in time".
  • Make sure that physical dimension of the selected resettable fuse fits into the circuit space.
  • Test and evaluate the selected resettable fuse; and determine the suitability of the selection.